To craft our distillate we use a number of different extraction methods. We perform a hydrocarbon extraction and remove the concentrate from the extraction machine and perform a full purge using either the shatter or wax method. After the extract is fully purged. We decarboxylate the material and cold trap the terpenoid content that evaporates during the process. The decarboxylated material is then winterized and filtered to remove heavy plant waxes and lipids. After winterization, we place the extract into a fractional distillation apparatus to separate the remaining compounds by their specific boiling point. When the ▲THC fraction is separated we reintroduce the terpenes collected during the extraction procedures.


To craft our HT cartridges we use the same extraction methods used to create our HTE/HCE consistency. After the THC-A has fully crystallized, we separate the HTE and harvest the THC-A crystals. We do further processing to clean the crystals of the remaining terpenoid fluid leaving behind an almost tasteless, pure crystalline form of THC-A that can test upwards of 99% THC-A.


We utilize steam distillation to isolate clear terpenes from cannabis material. The process consists of boiling reverse osmosis water and channeling the steam through cannabis material. The steam vaporizes the terpene content and travels through a distillation head and chilled condenser coil to be turned back into a liquid. The recondensed liquid travels through the condenser to an oil and water separator. When the steam distillation is complete we carefully separate the water from the terpene content leaving behind strain specific cannabis derived terpenes that can be used to flavor cartridges or as a flavor compliment to any smokable product.